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Mr Crimbo White Christmas Gonk Gold Heart Decoration 36cm

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About the Product:

Prepare to be enchanted by this gorgeous gonk figure that will steal your heart this Christmas. From Mr Crimbo, this beautiful white gnome carries a glittering gold heart, adding a touch of elegance and love to your holiday decor. The hat of the gonk features a delicately patterned knit and is possible thanks to the wire inside. With a luxurious soft fluffy beard and charming pink fleece hands and nose, this gonk decoration stands tall at 36cm (14"). Its irresistible charm will bring warmth and joy to your home throughout the festive season.


  • Glittering gold heart carried by the gonk
  • Clothing made of soft white fleece fabric
  • Hat with delicate knit pattern that can be posed
  • For indoor use only


  • Heart: Gold glitter covered
  • Clothing: White fleece fabric
  • Hat: Posable with delicate knit pattern
  • Size: W12 x H36 x D10cm

Product Notes:

This gorgeous gonk figure from Mr Crimbo is the perfect addition to your Christmas decorations. Its white fleece clothing, posable hat with a delicate knit pattern, and glittering gold heart create an enchanting and heartwarming display. The luxurious soft fluffy beard and charming pink fleece hands and nose add a whimsical touch to its 36cm (14") tall stature. Place this beautiful gonk next to your Christmas tree, on a windowsill, or on a hall table to welcome your Christmas guests with its irresistible charm. Please note that this decoration is for indoor use only.

Don't Miss Out:

Don't miss out on bringing the enchantment of this gorgeous gonk into your home this Christmas. Visit today to make this delightful figure a part of your holiday decor. Its glittering gold heart, soft white fleece clothing, and posable hat with a delicate knit pattern are sure to steal your heart and add a touch of magic to your festive ambience. With its charming features and 36cm (14") tall presence, this gonk is the perfect companion for your tree, windowsill, or hall table. Don't wait any longer - embrace the joy and beauty of the holiday season with this captivating gonk figure from