Card Holders

You know the score - you’ve put up your Christmas cards on your shelves and mantelpiece and someone closes the living room door a little too quickly. Maybe you got some adhesive tack, stretched out some string and made your own DIY Christmas card holder on the wall? Whoosh! The cards are blown all over and in disarray, on the floor, behind the sofa and in the fireplace- all because you didn’t have a Christmas card holder! Mr Crimbo has the answer!

Our fun Christmas card holders are just the right thing for you - No more reasons to skip the dusting with our christmas card displays! Our current collection includes a range of silver metallic holiday card holders, with a chunky over-the-door hook perfect for slotting over any door in your home. We also have an LED wall hanging holder, with pegs for 30 of your favourite holiday greeting cards illuminated by a cosy led light!