Card Holders

You know the score - you’ve put up your Christmas cards on your shelves and mantelpiece and someone closes the living room door a little too quickly.

Maybe you got some adhesive tack, stretched out some string and made your own DIY Christmas card holder on the wall?


The cards are blown all over and in disarray, on the floor, behind the sofa and in the fireplace- all because you didn’t have a Christmas card holder!

Mr Crimbo has the answer!

Our fun Christmas card holders are just the right thing for you.

No more reasons to skip the dusting with our greeting card displays, with our wall hanging holders!

Use your cards as a beautiful Christmas decoration as they’re neatly displayed in one place with our Christmas card tree holders.

Oh and if you’re stuck for an idea for a present, and our card holders are a wonderful gift idea too?

Don’t give your friends the excuse to skip the housework either!
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SKU: XS4537

Save space and keep your windowsills and tabletops in order this Christmas with our adorable peg card holder. This decoration is made from a 1m length of twine with a loop at each end making it extra easy to hang on your...


SKU: XS5992

This simple Christmas card holder is the perfect way to make all of your greeting cards stand out in your living room or hall way this festive season. The holder is approximately 10ft long and has 30 clear peg clips...