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  • Mr Crimbo White Snowy 180cm Twig Tree With White Metal Base

    About the Product: Bring a touch of elegance and contemporary style to any room with this beautiful White Twig Tree from Mr Crimbo. An excellent alternative...

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  • Mr Crimbo 5ft Twinkling Christmas Cluster Tree LED Lights

    About the Product: Introducing our modern 5ft Christmas Cluster Tree, designed to bring a dazzling display of light and festive cheer to any space in your...

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Collection: Twig Trees

Experience a winter wonderland like never before with our curated selection of Christmas twig trees. Merging rustic charm with contemporary elegance, our twig trees capture the essence of a magical white winter reminiscent of serene snow-draped landscapes. Whether you're channelling the simplicity of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree or the majesty of white birch twig masterpieces, we've got the perfect pick for you.

Imagine a delicate twig birch tree illuminated by warm white LED lights or the intricate details of a twig tree warm white 3mm with wide-angle brilliance. Our selection boasts everything from the subtle glow of warm white 3mm wide-angle lights to the dazzling shimmer of pre-lit twinkling branches.

Our twig Christmas trees are versatile and designed for indoor and outdoor settings. Whether it's a prelit white tree gracing your living room or a 4ft pre-lit one adorning your front porch, our trees will surely become the highlight of your Christmas décor.

Admire the intricate beauty of cherry blossoms on a twig tree or the minimalist charm of the pine twig. Each tree, whether a white tabletop variant or a majestic Puleo International piece, is crafted with care, ensuring it becomes a timeless addition to your festive collection.


- What's the difference between a twig tree and a traditional Christmas tree?

  - A twig Christmas tree often embodies a more minimalist and rustic design, resembling white birch or pine twigs, and is typically illuminated with LEDs like warm white 3mm wide angle LED lights.

- Are twig trees suitable for outdoor use?

  - Many of our twig trees are designed for indoor and outdoor decorations. However, always check the product specifications or customer rating for durability against outdoor elements.

- How are twig trees lit?

  - Our twig trees often come pre-lit, featuring lights such as warm white LEDs or twinkle LEDs. Some require battery-operated mechanisms, while others plug into standard outlets.

- Do you have storage solutions for post-holiday seasons?

  - Absolutely! We offer decoration storage options to ensure your twig trees remain pristine for years.

Indulge in the sheer elegance of white twig trees, where simplicity meets grandeur. Our collection, from the MrCrimbo classics to the modern LED artificial Christmas twig tree, ensures your holiday season is bright and beautiful. Shop now and let the magic of twig trees elevate your Christmas spirit!