Christmas Style Trends 2023: Bringing Festive Elegance to Your Home

Christmas Style Trends 2023: Bringing Festive Elegance to Your Home

As the festive season approaches, the air is buzzing with the anticipation of Christmas 2023's style trends. This year, we're embracing a blend of traditional charm and contemporary flair, creating spaces that feel both familiar and fresh. From the tactile allure of textured decorations to the natural beauty of greenery, let's explore the seven key style trends that are set to define Christmas 2023.

1. Embracing Texture: A Tactile Christmas

This year, Christmas decor is all about texture. Moving beyond the smooth surfaces of traditional ornaments, 2023 sees a variety of materials taking the stage. Think glass baubles paired with wood, metal, felt, jute, faux fur, and velvet. This trend is not just about looking good – it's about creating decorations that beg to be touched, adding depth and warmth to your festive setting.

A close-up of a Christmas tree adorned with a mix of textured ornaments – from glittery baubles to velvet ribbons and wooden stars.

2. The Rise of Paper Decorations

Sustainability takes a front seat with the increasing popularity of paper decorations. Paper and card baubles, hanging fans, and garlands are not just eco-friendly, but also offer a chance to get creative with DIY projects. This trend is a nod to traditional Christmases, bringing back the joy of crafting and adding a personal touch to your holiday decor.

An array of sophisticated paper decorations, including multi-coloured paper baubles and garlands, displayed in a festive setting.

3. Picks: Adding Depth and Texture

Picks are the unsung heroes of Christmas decor, offering an easy way to add depth and intrigue to your tree. From florals and pampas grass to pinecones and berries, picks come in all shapes and sizes, enhancing the texture and fullness of your Christmas tree or wreath.

A Christmas tree richly decorated with a variety of picks, including berries, pinecones, and pampas grass.

4. Natural Christmas: Greenery in Abundance

With a renewed appreciation for nature, greenery is more popular than ever. Expect to see homes adorned with fir garlands, sprigs of holly, and wreaths made from real foliage. This trend not only looks beautiful but also brings the fresh, calming scent of the outdoors into your home.

A mantelpiece or dining table beautifully decorated with natural greenery, including fir, holly, and pinecones.

5. Homemade Feel: Crafting Personal Memories

In 2023, there's a shift towards a more authentic and personal approach to Christmas decor. Homemade decorations, handcrafted wrapping paper, and DIY advent calendars are all part of this trend, encouraging families to create and cherish their own festive traditions.

A collection of homemade Christmas decorations and gifts, showcasing personal touches and crafty creativity.

6. Alternative Christmas Trees: Beyond the Traditional

For those seeking something different, alternative Christmas trees are a stylish choice. Think rustic wooden trees, wall-mounted designs, or even branches in a vase. These alternatives cater to various needs – be it saving space, avoiding mess, or reducing environmental impact.

A stylishly decorated space featuring an alternative Christmas tree, such as a wooden or wall-mounted design.

7. Year-Round Décor: Sustainability and Versatility

The trend of year-round décor reflects a practical and sustainable approach to festive decorating. Choose decorations that can be repurposed or adapted for other celebrations throughout the year. This trend is not just eco-friendly but also encourages creativity in how we view and use decorations.

Versatile decorations that can be adapted for different occasions, like fairy lights or paper garlands used in various festive settings.


Christmas 2023 brings with it a delightful mix of styles, from the warmth of traditional greenery to the innovative charm of alternative trees. These trends are not just about aesthetics; they're about creating a festive atmosphere that is personal, sustainable, and full of joy. So, whether you're a fan of the traditional or the contemporary, there's something for everyone in this year's Christmas style trends. Embrace these ideas, and let the magic of Christmas fill your home.