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Christmas Food Trends 2023: A Culinary Delight Awaits

The festive season is a time of joy, togetherness, and, most importantly, indulgence in delightful culinary experiences. As we approach the end of the year, the anticipation of what's on the Christmas menu is palpable. And 2023 promises to be a year of innovation, inclusivity, and a blend of tradition with modern twists.

Christmas might be four months away, but for UK supermarkets, the planning for the festive feast is already in full swing. Brands like Waitrose, Tesco, and Asda are leading the charge, unveiling their festive food ranges that are sure to tantalize taste buds. Let's dive into the major trends that are set to dominate our dinner tables this Christmas.

Tis’ the Vegan Season

Chestnut and Cashew Nut Roast with green Trimmings ready for Christmas Dinner

The vegan movement has been gaining momentum over the years, and 2023 is no exception. Despite some vegan retailers facing challenges, supermarkets are optimistic about the demand for plant-based options. Waitrose has reported a significant increase in searches for 'plant-based' on its website, a whopping 115% rise from the previous year. Their festive offerings include a delightful triple nut roast with an assortment of nuts and a clementine and apricot chutney graze. Not to be left behind, Tesco is introducing over 100 Plant Chef and Free From products, with highlights like a mushroom and chestnut festive wreath and a 'no-turkey' crown.

Social Media-Inspired Grazing

A selection of cheese, meat and vegetables for grazing on whilst entertaining or watching TV

The digital age has brought forth a new trend - social media-inspired grazing. Platforms like TikTok have seen hashtags like #bringaboardnight gain immense popularity. The term ‘graze boards’ alone has garnered over 57.5 million views. Supermarkets are keen to tap into this trend. Asda, for instance, has introduced an Extra Special Specialty Cheeseboard, while Tesco is offering a festive Build Your Own Christmas Olive Tree.

A selection of cheeses cubed and displayed in a circle with a Christmas wreath theme.

The Year of the Centrepiece

The traditional turkey remains a staple for many during Christmas. Tesco is offering a plethora of options, with over 40 varieties in its festive range. However, there's a shift towards reimagining the centrepiece. Waitrose is focusing on seafood, introducing a Shimmering Salmon Mousse centrepiece, while Asda is offering alternatives like British Monkfish Tails and an OMV! oyster and porcini mushroom wellington.

A Vegan mushroom Wellington sliced to see the inside mushrooms and gravy. A fantastic Christmas Centrepiece

A Teetotal Christmas

The trend of low and no-alcohol beverages is on the rise. Waitrose has witnessed a 20% growth in sales of such drinks over the past year. The demand for these beverages is expected to skyrocket this Christmas, with brands like Co-op also introducing new no and low alcohol wines.

A Selection of LOWER ALCOHOL WINE with a white background

Showstopper Desserts

Desserts have always been the crowning glory of the Christmas feast. Asda is championing the 'showstopper' dessert trend, offering delights like a chocolate and honeycomb avalanche dessert. Waitrose is drawing inspiration from French patisseries, introducing desserts like a Golden Bûche de Noël and a florentine-inspired panettone.

A beautiful Golden Bûche de Noël from john Lewis on on a burgundy plate with decorative trimmings

Signature Flavours

Asda is introducing its first signature flavour – Brown Butter and Spiced Dark Rum. This flavour is a culmination of global trends, with brown butter being a favourite among top pastry chefs and dark rum gaining popularity among mixologists.

Finally, Christmas 2023 promises to be a gastronomic delight. From vegan options to social media-inspired grazing boards, from traditional centrepieces to innovative desserts, there's something for everyone. As we prepare to celebrate with our loved ones, these food trends ensure that our festive feasts will be memorable, delicious, and in tune with the times.