Pre-Lit & Fibre-Optic Trees

Christmas decor just doesn’t seem complete without a tree and Christmas lights.

Some people go for a traditional real Xmas tree and all the issues that can come with it, while others prefer the simple route opting for an artificial Christmas tree.

Yet even after making that decision, there’s still a lot of choices to be made.

Should you buy pre-lit or bare?

Battery operated lights or mains power? 

LED lights or fibre optics?

We’ve got all those bases covered with pre-lit Christmas trees in lots of sizes, colours and different novelty lights.

For outdoor use and when the sun does  shine, we’ve got solar lights too!

From 2ft table-top pre-lit twig trees to our top-rated luxury white Christmas tree with LED lights at 6ft high, most choices are catered for.

For your fibre optic Christmas tree, order from Mr Crimbo!