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  • Mr Crimbo 10 x 8" Felt Snowman Head Shape Christmas Gift Bag

    About The Product: Introducing our fun and festive Snowman bag, perfect for adding a touch of Christmas cheer to your gift-giving or fancy dress parties! Made...

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  • Mr Crimbo Large Reusable Christmas Shopping Gift Bag 50 x 70cm

    Product Highlights Get into the festive spirit with this large reusable Christmas gift bag! Whether you're delivering Christmas presents on Christmas Eve or tackling your Christmas...

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  • Mr Crimbo Large Christmas Shopping Reusable Gift Bag 50 x 70cm

    Product Highlights Update your Christmas gifting game with this large reusable Christmas gift bag! An eco-friendly and stylish solution, it's perfect for delivering gifts on Christmas...

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  • Mr Crimbo Felt Novelty Snowman Christmas Gift Bag With Scarf

    About the Product: Introducing our Reusable Felt Snowman Bag - a festive and practical accessory for your gift-giving needs. Made from soft fleece and durable felt...

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Collection: Christmas Gift Bags

The magic of Christmas isn't just about the gift itself but also how it's presented. Enter our dazzling array of Christmas gift bags, a must-have for those who value aesthetics just as much as the gift inside. Perfectly curated for the festive season, our collection caters to every possible need and theme.

From our intricate Christmas card-themed bags that narrate the festive tales to our elegant gold gift bags for those exclusive gifts, we've got you covered. The Merry Christmas gift bag exudes holiday cheer, while the Christmas bottle bag serves as the ideal cover for a special wine or soft drink for festive dinners. We even offer a Christmas drawstring gift bag, ensuring ease and security for those unique presents. 

For the environmentally conscious, our reusable Christmas bags promote sustainability. Crafted from durable materials, they can double up as shopping bags or storage bags post the festive season. Speaking of materials, our kraft gift bags and kraft paper designs are both chic and eco-friendly, blending seamlessly with the season's spirit. 

The personalised Christmas gift bags are perfect for adding that extra touch, making your loved ones feel even more special. And for the last-minute wrappers, our Christmas gift wrapping bags paired with our extensive range of gift wrap, wrapping paper, and gift boxes, ensure your presents always look pristine.


- Do you offer gift bags in different sizes?

  - Absolutely! From landscape gift bags for those broader items to wine bottle bags for your festive beverages, we've curated a size to fit every gift.

- What kind of handles do the gift bags have?

  - Our bags come with sturdy handles, ranging from ribbon-like to more traditional ones. The gift bag with handles ensures easy carrying and added elegance.

- Can I buy Christmas-related items other than gift bags?

  - Of course! Beyond gift bags, we offer Christmas gift boxes, Christmas decorations, gift tags, and even tissue paper to enhance your gifting experience.

- Do you provide UK delivery?

  - Yes, we offer UK delivery, ensuring your festive packaging needs are met right at your doorstep.

- Is there an option for eco-friendly gift bags?

  - Definitely! Our kraft gift bags and reusable Christmas options are a nod to sustainability without compromising on festive aesthetics.

Let every gift you give shimmer with the festive spirit this Christmas, even before it's opened. Whether you're searching for the perfect gift bag for Christmas or need an Xmas party treat bag, our collection ensures that every gift, whether a personalised gift or a Secret Santa surprise, gets the presentation it truly deserves. Remember, it's not just about the gift inside but the love and thought mirrored in its wrapping. And with our Christmas gift bags present is a promise of joy!

Standard delivery is £5.99 to UK Mainland

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