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Mr Crimbo Novelty Gingerbread House Wooden Advent Calendar

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About the Product:

Get ready to count down the days until Santa's arrival with our delightful novelty gingerbread house-shaped advent calendar. This charming calendar adds a festive touch to your home decor while providing a fun and interactive way to anticipate Christmas. With its hand-painted icing-style details and adorable gingerbread man and the lady on the front, this gingerbread house advent calendar brings a whimsical touch to your holiday preparations. The calendar features 24 mini wooden drawers that can be filled with small sweets or chocolates, making each day a sweet surprise. This beautifully handcrafted decoration can be enjoyed year after year, becoming a cherished part of your holiday traditions.


  • Gingerbread house-shaped advent calendar
  • White and silver colours for a festive look
  • 24 removable drawers for daily surprises
  • Refillable and reusable every year
  • Approximate dimensions: Width 30cm, Height 16cm


  • Advent Calendar Type: Gingerbread House
  • Colours: White and silver
  • Design Details: Hand-painted icing style details, gingerbread man and the lady on the front
  • Drawers: 24 removable mini wooden drawers
  • Reusability: Can be refilled and reused every year
  • Dimensions: Approximately W30 x H16cm

Product Notes:

Make the countdown to Christmas extra special with our charming gingerbread house advent calendar. Its unique design, featuring hand-painted icing style details and adorable gingerbread characters, adds a touch of whimsy to your holiday decor. The calendar's 24 mini wooden drawers offer a delightful surprise each day, as you fill them with small sweets or chocolates. This well-crafted decoration can be enjoyed for years to come, becoming a beloved tradition in your home. Display it alongside your other festive decorations and let the anticipation of Christmas fill the air.

Don't Miss Out:

Embrace the magic of the holiday season with our enchanting gingerbread house advent calendar. It's the perfect way to create anticipation and joy as you count down the days until Christmas. The delightful design, hand-painted details, and 24 removable drawers make this advent calendar a must-have for your festive celebrations. Fill each drawer with your favourite treats and enjoy the daily surprise as Christmas approaches. Don't miss out on this unique and reusable decoration that will bring smiles and excitement to your home year after year. Order your gingerbread house advent calendar today and make your holiday season even more memorable.