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Mr Crimbo Adults Novelty Christmas Hat Elf Beer Gin Slogan

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About the Product:

Indulge your inner elf with this adorable Elf Hat. Crafted from a soft and cosy fleece material, this hat is designed to bring extra cheer to your Christmas festivities. The hat features a charming green and red striped design, reminiscent of classic elf attire. Large pink ears add a whimsical touch to the sides of the hat, giving it a playful and festive look. At the top of the hat, you'll find a real jingle bell that adds a delightful sound as you spread holiday cheer. The front of the hat is embroidered with a fun 'This Elf Needs' slogan, allowing you to express your elfish desires. Choose from 'Beer', 'Coffee', or 'Gin', and let your hat reflect your festive preferences.


  • Elf Hat for festive dress-up
  • Soft and cosy fleece material
  • Green and red striped design
  • Large pink ears on the sides
  • Real jingle bell at the top
  • 'This Elf Needs' slogan embroidered on the front
  • Choose from 'Beer', 'Coffee', or 'Gin'
  • One size fits most adults


  • Measurements: One size fits most adults

Product Notes:

This adorable Elf Hat is the perfect accessory to complete your Elf costume this Christmas. Crafted from soft, cosy fleece material, it provides warmth and comfort during festive activities. The hat's green and red striped design captures the classic elf look, while the large pink ears add a touch of whimsy. The real jingle bell at the top creates a festive sound as you move, spreading holiday cheer wherever you go. The front of the hat features a fun 'This Elf Needs' slogan, allowing you to showcase your holiday desires. Choose from 'Beer', 'Coffee', or 'Gin', and let your hat reflect your festive preferences and sense of humour.

Don't Miss Out:

Don't miss out on this adorable Elf Hat and elevate your Christmas dress-up game. Whether dressing up as an elf for a festive party, entertaining children, or simply adding some holiday spirit to your day-to-day activities, this hat will surely bring joy and merriment. Its soft fleece material, charming design, and personalized slogan make it a delightful accessory for embracing your inner elf. Its one-size-fits-most design makes it perfect for adults who want to join in the festive fun. Get your Elf Hat today and let the Christmas magic begin!