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Mr Crimbo 24pc Bumper Christmas Tree Bauble Set 8cm

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Colour: Rose Gold


About the Product:

Elevate your Christmas decorations with our bumper pack of 24 Christmas tree baubles. Designed to help you create a stunning colour theme, our baubles are perfect for adding a coordinated and festive look to your home.


  • Each bumper pack includes 24 baubles, allowing you to decorate your tree and garlands with a matching style.
  • Choose from four exquisite colour options: silver, red, navy, or rose gold, to compliment your desired theme.
  • The pack comprises 6 baubles in 4 unique styles, including glitter baubles, hollow pattern baubles, mirror finish baubles, and snowmen and tree patterned baubles.
  • Each bauble comes with a hanging thread attached, making it easy to hang them on your tree or garlands.
  • These baubles are ideal for medium to large-sized trees and garlands, providing a substantial and eye-catching decoration.
  • Each bauble has a diameter of 8cm, offering a perfect size to make a statement on your Christmas tree.


  • Product Type: Christmas tree baubles
  • Pack Size: 24 baubles
  • Colours Available: Silver, red, navy, rose gold
  • Bauble Styles: Glitter baubles, hollow pattern baubles, mirror finish baubles, snowmen and tree patterned baubles
  • Bauble Diameter: 8cm

Product Notes:

Decorate your home with our bumper pack of 24 Christmas tree baubles, designed to help you create a beautiful and coordinated colour theme. With four stunning colour options and various stylish bauble designs, you can infuse your Christmas decorations with elegance and charm. Hang these baubles on your tree or garlands to instantly elevate the festive atmosphere in your home.

Don't Miss Out:

Add a touch of magic to your Christmas celebrations with our bumper pack of 24 Christmas tree baubles. Create a coordinated colour theme that will impress your guests and make your holiday decorations truly special. Don't miss the opportunity to transform your home into a festive wonderland. Order your pack of baubles online today and bring joy and elegance to your Christmas decorations.

Storage Box is available here