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Mr Crimbo 67cm Woven Willow Christmas Tree Skirt Base

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Colour: Grey Wash


About the Product:

Keep Your Christmas Tree Neat and Tidy with our Woven Willow Tree Skirts

Complete the look of your Christmas tree with our elegant woven willow tree skirts. Designed to hide the legs or stand on your artificial tree, as well as the stumps and bases of real Christmas trees, these tree skirts add a touch of style to your holiday decor.


  • Stunning woven tree skirt for a polished look
  • Suitable for use with both artificial and real trees
  • A solid design that does not fold down
  • Width at the top: 50cm
  • Width at the bottom: 67cm
  • Approximate height: 23cm


  • Tree Skirt Type: Woven willow
  • Compatibility: Suitable for artificial and real trees
  • Design: Solid, does not fold down
  • Top Width: 50cm
  • Bottom Width: 67cm
  • Height: Approximately 23cm

Product Notes:

Elevate the appearance of your Christmas tree with our stunning woven willow tree skirts. Whether you have an artificial tree that needs its legs or stands concealed or a real tree that requires coverage for the stumps and bases, these tree skirts provide a stylish solution. The solid design ensures that the skirt maintains its shape and does not fold down. With a width of 50cm at the top, 67cm at the bottom, and an approximate height of 23cm, it fits most standard-sized trees.

Don't Miss Out:

Complete your Christmas tree ensemble with our beautiful woven willow tree skirts. These skirts not only hide the less appealing parts of your tree but also add a touch of sophistication to your holiday decorations. Choose between a natural wood finish or a whitewash effect to match your desired aesthetic. Don't miss the opportunity to create a polished and cohesive look for your tree. Order your woven willow tree skirt today and make your Christmas tree the centrepiece of your festive display!