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Storage Hacks For Your Christmas Decorations

Getting your home decorated for Christmas can go from fun to frustrating at a moment’s notice, so making sure you store everything correctly will save you the headache next year. Untangling three sets of lights, dusting down the wreath for the front door and cleaning up smashed tree baubles is not how we want to spend decorating day 2023, so plan ahead when taking down your decorations this year to make things that little bit easier. You will definitely be thankful for it come this time next year!

If being super organised isn’t your thing, don’t worry – we’ve got a list of easy storage hacks you’ll thank us for later. Take a look below to see how to properly pack your ornaments, lights and more for the year ahead.

  1. Egg Carton Bauble Storer
  2. Wreath Hanger
  3. Paper Wrapped Icicle Lights
  4. Tree Lights On Coat Hanger
  5. Unpack First Box
  6. Separate Bags for Glitter Baubles
  7. Bead Garland Bottle
  8. Carrier Bag Storage For Gift Wrap

1. Egg Carton Bauble Storer

Once you’ve made boxing day breakfast, keep a hold of the empty egg carton to store fragile baubles safely until next year!

2. Use a Hanger for Your Wreath


Keep your wreath as good as new all year round by hanging it up when not in use. Feed the hanging loop through a coat hanger and cover in a plastic bag to prevent a year’s worth of dust gathering.  

3. Wrap Icicle Lights in Paper


Who’s seriously got the time (or patience) to untangle their lights every year?! Prevent an early December tantrum by rolling your outdoor icicle lights up in a long sheet of paper. Simply unroll next year and you’re ready to go!                     

4. Wrap Tree Lights on a Coat Hanger


As above, we know you won’t want to spend a whole day untangling the lights for your tree, especially if you’ve got restless kids waiting to help you decorate! Wrap each set tightly around a coat hanger and store away until you need them.

5. Make an 'Unpack First' Box


Keep all your most important decorations in one easy to find place by creating an ‘unpack first’ box. Store things in it that you might need earlier than your Christmas tree decorations, like your Christmas card holder and refillable advent calendars.

6. Use Zip-Lock Bags to Separate Baubles


Shimmery baubles covering everything in glitter? Keep them separated by storing them in their own zip lock bags. You can use this method to keep colours and styles separated too!

7. Plastic Bottle Bead Garland Holder


Prevent your bead garlands from knotting together by storing them in a clean plastic bottle. A 1L sized bottle should roughly hold two garlands (depending on the lengths).

8. Carrier Bag Tube for Gift Wrap


Keep your gift wrap safely stored away by using a plastic carrier bag holder - it’ll prevent the rolls from getting bashed about in the loft or cupboard! Slip an empty toilet roll tube over each roll to stop it from unravelling too.

Don’t forget we’ve got also storage bags for wreaths, bauble and Christmas Trees on our website.