Christmas Lighting is not just for Christmas....... - MrCrimbo

Christmas Lighting is not just for Christmas.......

Who says Christmas should have all the fun? Yes, Fairy lights are recognised as Christmas decorations as is Tinsel and the Christmas tree but why only enjoy them at Christmas and not all year round?

Outdoor Fairy light idea - Pintrest

As we look at the environment and the cost of electricity it becomes more and more apparent that adding additional lights around the home can be seen as a luxury that few can afford. In saying that there are alternatives to plugging into the mains.

Solar powered Light idea - Pinterest

Solar powered string lights are very fashionable for your outdoor space and once installed do not cost anything to light. They come in lots of designs to suit the outdoor space. Warm white festoon lights allow you to enhance a garden outdoor area as well and add a bit of sparkle. Christmas lights can also be added to your kitchen, living room, stairs, bedroom or family room. They can be string lights or LED strip lights. Adding a lovey curtain light to the feature wall enhances the focal points in your room without detracting from the TV or a lovely family picture.

Outdoor Fairy Light Idea - Pinterest
A battery-operated fairy light or string light in a glass jar is a simple solution but very effective. Hanging them around the outdoor KiKi Hut or bar gives you that nighttime vibe.

Indoor Fairy Light idea - Pnterest

Fairy String Lights in warm white, cool white or multi-coloured opens up the possibilities when placed correctly around the home.

Multi-coloured rope lights around the garden during the summer give a festival feel when relaxing with friends and family in the early evening heat.

A glass of Sangria and some festoon lighting and you are back in Spain enjoying your very quick holiday from earlier in the year!

Wall lights, curtain lights and tree lighting give you that ambience without the massive cost of leaving the country.

Yes, you can have plug-in fairy lights as well as solar and battery. Each is a personal preference and can be limited by the location of sockets and where you would like the lights to be.
Pride - Multi Coloured Indoor Lighting Idea - Pinterest

Battery operated fairy lights allow for flexibility and your creative juices to flow as you are not limited to a certain location. The contemporary feel of the copper wire may complement your rustic feel in the outdoor bar area or man cave. Led Fairy Lights last longer but can not be replaced should one fail.

Indoor string lights add that extra sparkle so don't let Christmas be the only time you enjoy your fairy lights this year. Add them to your living space or outdoor space and impress your visitors with sparkle this year.

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