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Christmas Theme Ideas for 2022 - Planning is everything!

Can you believe how soon it is until Christmas! 2022 you have definitely been 1 of a kind (fingers crossed!)
The time is absolutely flying by and Santa will be here before we know it!
You might be thinking about starting to buy your christmas tree and festive decorations, or just adding a few updates to your collection. If you need some ideas and inspiration, then look no further.
We've created a few themed mood boards to help you achieve a beautiful home on a budget this Christmas and also get you into full festive mode! I think everyone needs it after the year we've had so far!
Each board includes products you will only find here at Mr Crimbo to help you on your way to the perfect Christmas.
Traditional Theme


Sometimes, traditional is best.

And Christmas Day is certainly one of those times.
There is nothing more inviting than a regal red and gold palette when it comes to dressing your home for the occasion.
You can recreate the look at home with our range of fabulous decorations from standing figures and candle holders to tablecloths you won’t find anywhere else.

Gingerbread Theme

Who can honestly resist a bit of gingerbread at Christmas time?!
Turning everyone’s favourite treat into a fabulous Christmas theme is a lot easier than you think and your kids/grandkids will absolutely LOVE it.
We have a huge range of novelty gingerbread figures and accessories that will help turn your home into a sweet treat without breaking the bank.
Mix and match vibrant greens, reds and candy cane stripes with cosy soft furnishings like our filled tapestry and gingerbread people cushions and traditional accessories like our themed advent calendar.

Silver & Grey Theme


Icy silvers and greys will always be a popular choice at Christmas time, but choosing the right accessories is crucial to pull off the look.
There is always a real sense of luxury to this trend when it’s done right, but you don’t need to spend a fortune on designer items to get the right balance.
Jolly & Bright Theme


If you can’t have a good time at Christmas, then when can you?
Christmas is the perfect time of year to let go, enjoy ourselves and unleash the inner child who still loves giant reindeers, colourful lights, toys and eating too much chocolate!
If you love fun and colourful Christmas décor then check out what we've got in stock for you!
This season you will find a massive range of colourful fibre optic treeslight up signs, shiny tinsel, dancing Christmas toys, elves, stockings and so much more. 
White Christmas Theme



Who doesn’t love a White Christmas?
A white theme doesn’t necessarily mean that you are restricted to simply using the colour white. In fact, it is best to incorporate other colours into the mix so that the room doesn’t look washed out. Accent the base colour by using ornaments in silver, gold or even light sky blue or green.
Make your home a white winter wonderland this festive season and get inspired by these white Christmas decoration ideas, including Christmas trees, decorations and wreaths.
Why not start with a frosted white tree, plus red and white accessories, to create a festive welcome?
We are so excited to see how you dress your homes this Christmas using products from Mr Crimbo, feel free to tag us on social media with any snaps of your purchases.
Hope this has helped you on your way a little to a very Merry Christmas!